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What’s wrong with marketing @Microsoft?


This post only represents my subjective point of view on the marketing approach of Microsoft corporation (MSFT).

I’m not sure if any of readers of this post know that on the day of November, 20, 2010 it was a 25ht anniversary of Windows operating system. Yes, it was exactly 25 years ago when Microsoft officially presented Windows 1.0 to the world. It was small, tiny and not really an operating system, as we understand it these days. In fact , it was a high-level graphical user interface to a DOS core. Nevertheless it was ‘heavy’ in terms of system requirements and that fact couldn’t make it popular among common home users. But it laid a basement and made a good start to the most successful software journey for the next 25 years, when Windows became a synonym to a PC, laptop and even enterprise-level mobile phone.

But let’s get back to marketing. In my opinion Microsoft lost an amazing opportunity to build on this anniversary date. I mean, I’ve been visiting many different social networks, web-sites, including even msn.com and microsoft.com. And you know what? Even a single word was missing about the fact that Windows OS is 25 years old know, and it has grown up – now it’s not an expressive and unreliable teenager, but an educated, modern, cool, successful and optimistic grown-up. And it’s my peer too, as I am 25 years old as well. How many 20-something-year-older young people are there hanging around with MacOS, iPhone, Android’s and other stuff? Wasn’t that a good and worthy point to make a marketing campaign about Windows? Or make a short 10 to 15-minute movie about the Windows story with some nostalgic seasoning in a main plot? What budget do you need to make it? Or was it better to make some sort of contest for the best Windows’ history movie on Youtube? Or any sort of contest for the best short funny story about your Windows [whatever version] experience with some additional photos or screenshots. From there you could have built on Internet Explorer – how many people remember Netscape browser and how it was superseded by Internet Explorer, that was better in many ways? I still remember. I feel blue about those times – they remind of some other connected experiences. I still remember amazing moments from the past related to Windows – when I’ve been configuring Windows 98 and then XP for my girlfriends, I still remember doing some cool stuff in Powerpoint 95 (!) with my schoolmate. And that way of thinking brings me to the fact that Microsoft technologies were there to support me for the most part of my life now. Isn’t that cool? Can Google or Facebook or even Apple bring the same feelings to me? Guess no. I mean their software pieces are ok, but they just cannot resonate with my emotions the same way.

My question to Microsoft is – how could you lose this marketing opportunity? Oh, yes, I know the answer – you’re focused on Windows Phone 7 and Kinect right now. That’s important, of course, I know… But let me give you a piece of advice – take some time to learn your users and clients better, as they might be connected to your software in a unique way. Use this. Build your success on that, it’s the hidden resource your competitors might not have (Apple is an exclusion to some extent). You can loose the momentum – new generations are more keen about iPod, Gmail, Android and other competitive stuff. Can you afford yourself to let new generations choose another experience?  I bet no!

P.S. I appreciate any comments, ideas, critics, suggestions and just buzz.


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  1. Если не ошибаюсь, то презентовали они версию 1.01. А версия 1.0 никогда не появлялась в продаже.

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